Cocktail at 19:00

Drinks and foods will be provided to the SocInfo 2012 participants at the Starling Hotel.
The hotel is situated next to the campus (just facing the Rolex Learning Center) and it sports a superb view of the Geneva Lake.

Hotel Starling
Route Cantonale 31, 1025 Saint-Sulpice
P: +41 21 694 85 85 / F: +41 21 694 85 86


Dinner at the Montreux’s Christmas Market

Entry to the conference dinner will be for participants who have registered for the conference and those who have purchased additional dinner tickets.

Considering that we will be leaving directly from the Conference room, and that the weather could be cold and damp, we strongly recommend bringing warm clothes with you.

18:15 Meeting at the bus stop (Piccard), near the EPFL Post Office
18:30 Departure for Montreux
19:15 (approx) Arrival at the Montreux’s Christmas Market
20:00 Christmas Market ends
20:15 Dinner at the restaurant "La Poya"
23:00 Departure for Lausanne
23:45 (approx) Arrival at EPFL, after one stop in Lausanne downtown

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6 research megaprojects set to music by the Geneva Brass Quintet

Forum Rolex Learning Center
Thursday 6 December 2012, 18:15
Free Entrance

Take this opportunity to visit the Rolex Learning Center!

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In 2010, the European Union launched a contest aimed at delivering 1 billion euros to a research project (FET Flagship Initiatives). After a first selection among 26 projects submitted, 6 are still competing. The winner will be nominated at the beginning of February 2013.

All projects are absolutely fascinating and will extend the horizons of science. Their themes are: sensors, the brain, simulations, virtual avatars, robots, and graphene.

The idea is to set these 6 scientific projects to music during a concert. There will be 6 scenes, one for each project.

Every scene will be opened by Daniel Saraga, a science journalist, who will describe the scientific project. The project will then be set to music by the “Geneva Brass Quintet” (2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba). The music chosen for each scene reflects the scientific content of each project.

Each scene will last more or less 15 minutes, with 5 minutes allocated to the project description and 10 minutes to music. The concert will thus last approximately 1h30.

This event, at the border between music and science, will enable scientists and the general public to meet and dialogue. With the help of music, the major scientific projects of the 21st century will become concrete for the general public.